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EazyLoan is a digital lending and borrowing marketplace. It offers different types of loans like personal loans, unsecured loans, installment loans and others where no guarantor is required. Our aim is to bring in innovative ideas and cutting edge technology to transform the Indian financial sector. 

Our basic motivation is to connect borrowers and lenders to form a network of financial marketing. We believe that loan origination and management can become much easier with an efficient and cheap lending process, which is what we’ve set out to do.



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With Associate in Nursing vastly wealthy network of association with all major Indian personal Sector Banks, NBFCs and alternative money establishments, including a 700+ team of dedicated personnel to reinforce your expertise with us, Eazyloans has been setting milestones and turning heads within the trade ever since its beginning. Backed by a company with over one year of expertise within the money sector and headed by people with a combined expertise of over five months, the robust base of over a 100 active clients stand testimony of our unmatched customer commitments.

A one stop buy all of your money desires, as well as Home Loans, Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Business Loans and Balance Transfers among others, Eazyloans ensures that via our internally developed extremely skilful Loan Calculator algorithmic rule, we offer you with the most effective choices and deals for the loan/financial product of your selection. Crunching all told the numbers, relative to the newest changesle within the market and a calculated understanding of the long run trends, our algorithmic engines base their answers not simply on a touch and a guess, however on robust factual knowledge. Eazyloans.in is a web Loan Comparison & Application Portal in Asian country. It provides practicality for a loan seeker to check, choose & APPLY for a Loan with Multiple Loan suppliers (Banks & NBFC) with simply one click on-line application type saving heap of precious time and cash. we don't sell your Application details. Instead, we have a tendency to route your application on to the approved Personnel of the banks you have got applied with. No DSA's and No Agents.This ensures the protection of your details with Eazyloans. - allow us to assist you Borrow Right !

Who are we.

EazyLoans was established in 2017 with the sole aim of providing focused and transparent financial solutions to help people realize their dreams. Being a subsidiary of the legendary Eazyloans Limited, we strive hard to make this happen.
Our pursuit gave birth to EazyLoans Limited, a one-stop financial service provider that caters to the diverse needs of retail, corporate and institutional customers across businesses.
Registered with the Reserve Bank of India as a Systemically Important Non Deposit Accepting Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC), the company operates across various areas of business namely the Commercial Finance, Infrastructure Finance, Wealth Management, Consumer Loans and distribution and marketing.

We only do what's right for you.

The name, EazyLoans, is eternally engraved in our country's historic progress. It is a name synonymous with trust and integrity. EazyLoans aims to bring the trust and expertise  a business that is both economically and socially relevant.
At the core of brand EazyLoans is our proposition - 'We only do what's right for you'. It is our belief system, our unwavering resolve to deliver financial solutions that are 'right' for our customers and the society at large. It embodies the relationship we wish to cultivate with our customers. An unshakeable bond rooted in trust by delivering superior customer experience at all times.

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